Congratulations Slim-Fit Graduates!!!


We are totally overwhelmed by just how well these lovely ladies have done!!! Graduating from our SlimFit Challenge, they have increased their fitness to such a level that they are moving onto our Push The Limit where they will be pushed further than they ever thought was possible… Well done guys (you know who you are!), you took the challenge and absolutely smashed it!

FB SlimFit Results JO

FB SlimFit Results ERICA

FB SlimFit Results KATIE

FB SlimFit Results EMILY

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If you were thinking about joining, we now offer an early morning (6am) or evening (8pm)/weekend (9am).

Starts this coming Saturday 11th Jan. Secure your space today… only 3 spaces left!

What Makes Personal Training⁣⁣ At On The Limit So Different?⁣⁣

Whether you were think⁣⁣ing of overhauling your training, need new ideas, or just want that extra motivation to achieve your goals, these are the reasons why Personal Training at On The Limit is so different…

1️⃣1-2-1 or Small Group Personal Training⁣⁣.
Our 1-2-1 & Small-group PT sessions give you focused support plus a motivating group dynamic.⁣⁣
2️⃣Results-Based Fitness Training.⁣⁣
Everything is geared around your individual needs and goals. It means you get a tailored training programme and the results you want.⁣⁣
3️⃣Cutting-Edge Training Programmes.⁣⁣
Our innovative programmes are scientifically based, proven in practice and continually reviewed.⁣⁣
4️⃣Dedicated Coaching and Support⁣⁣
Each of our experienced Personal Trainers will monitor your progress and help you stay on track for the duration of your fitness journey.⁣ ⁣

👆🏼That’s why we’re different 👆🏼


SlimFit Challenge – 2020 – Only 3 Spaces remaining


Want to Kickstart your Fitness in 2020?

Is 2020 the year you have decided to become a slimmer/fitter/healthier version of yourself?

Perhaps you need a little motivation or confidence, or just a kick in the right direction, with like-minded individuals who have the same goals!

Then come and join the On The Limit SlimFit Challenge.
Starting on Saturday 11th January (or Monday 13th for the early morning sessions) this 10 week Small Group Personal Training program is designed by professionals to guide you, motivate you, and push you past the limits you thought were possible; giving you the confidence & stamina to kick-start your own training.



To be fully committed to train at every session, no excuses!

To put in the most effort possible even when you feel like giving up!

To follow our professional nutritional guidance at every opportunity.

To have your body measurements & photos taken at the start, end and at regular intervals throughout the program. (These will be kept confidential if you so wish)



This program offers 3 Group Personal Training Sessions by our experienced Personal Trainer per week for 10 weeks.

In addition, you will have access to all of OTL’s timetabled classes and full gym facilities within these 10 weeks so that you may push yourself as far as you wish.

We will provide professional nutritional guidance to you and suggested meal plans (no fad diets that are unsustainable long term)

Access to a closed WhatsApp group to have 24/7 support from both your PT & your group to keep you motivated, supported and on track!


This unbelievable 10-week offer is all yours for only £275.
However, places are LIMITED and are issued on a first-come first-served basis.


SLIMFIT AM – Monday 6AM, Wednesday 6AM and Friday 6AM


SLIMFIT PM – Tuesday 8PM, Thursday 8PM and Saturday 9AM



Set-Up your Profile

Validate your email address



Pay and Secure Your Place



If you want to kick start your fitness journey in Tring’s Premier Fitness Gym with this unbeatable offer please get in touch.

Attention Members and PAYG’ers!


This weekend we are launching our new software provider Clubright. Details of what you need to do have either been emailed to you (if you are a member!) or if you are a PAYG’er can be found on our facebook page Please bear with us whilst we go through the undoubtable teething problems. Your patience during this time will be most appreciated.


You may be aware that enhanced data protection rules, known as GDPR, come into effect from 25 May this year. As a result we would like to reassure you of our commitment to keep your personal details safe, whilst reminiding you of the terms and conditions of membership with On The Limit.

A condition of our membership/usage is to hold your email details on our database solely for the purposes of communicating relevant club news, for example closures, class or instructor changes, or membership expiry. Your details are held and administrated in conjunction with our software provider Clubwise, however, with the exception of Clubwise we can assure you that your details will never be passed onto 3rd parties for marketing purposes.

If you would like to read our updated our Privacy Policy this can be found at however if you have any queries or concerns about any aspect of our data use, please do not hesitate to contact Adam, our Data Controller, or any member of the reception staff who will be pleased to help you.

Class Cancellations

We are making some changes to the class cancellation policy. We will be rolling out the new process over the next week but here are a few key points: All members whom have pre-booked into a class are required to give a minimum of 2 hours’ notice that they are unable to attend. It is with regret that failure to give the required 2 hours’ notice on two occasions will result in your account being disabled for the period of 1 week where you will be unable to book or attend any classes. We will be tracking those that are repeat offenders and if the problem persists then we will have no choice but to lengthen the period that your account is disabled.

Please be assured that exceptional circumstances will be dealt with by the Duty Manager on an individual basis.

Please register your class attendance to reception. The system will not do this automatically.

If you are booked for multiple classes, please inform reception of this on entry.

For the immediate future, a class register will be taken in all classes.

Indoor Trainers ONLY!

We would like to politely remind anyone who uses the facilities that we operate an INDOOR TRAINERS ONLY policy which we will be strictly reinforcing. Please remember to bring your indoor shoes with you and change your shoes on both entry AND exit. We know it’s only a short walk from your house to your car, and from car to the gym but we ask that you respect our request. Anyone seen not to be following these rules will be denied entry to the gym and classes. No exceptions. Thanks in advance.

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Parking at On The Limit

Good Morning Members, due to increased popularity at OTL we would like to remind everyone that the car park is for members only to use whilst attending the gym. As the Christmas period approaches the Royal Mail will be busy with additional deliveries and collections so please do not block their vehicles. As parking is limited and offered on a first come/first serve basis, we ask that you are patient during this hectic time of year! Please allow enough time to find alternative parking before classes should spaces be unavailable. Thanks

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The Evolution Continues..

Two and a half years ago On The Limit opened its doors to the people of Tring feeling extremely proud that we could provide the best fitness facilities to the local area and pioneer Trings Fitness Evolution. Well today our commitment to the local area is still as passionate as ever and we have been busy working on plans to make us even better than before.

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